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Horseback Riding

Simply the Best Horseback Riding Program in the US!

Indian Acres Camp for Boys and Forest Acres Camp for Girls both continue to foster an incredible riding program run by experienced staff in all areas of equestrian background. Founded in 1924, the summer equestrian experience has grown and expanded.

Our top-notch thirty-two stall barn, accompanied by three outdoor arenas, is tucked neatly in the back of the camp facility. An extensive network of trails near and inside camp provide children with an opportunity to relax outside the daily teachings within the ring.

CJ Law, of Mount Holyoke, directs the most outstanding equestrian program at a camp in the state of Maine. Her staff and horses from Mount Holyoke (current IHSA equestrian champions) provide a program offering lessons, shows, horsemanship, and so much more.

The unique facility draws both campers and staff members to return to camp year after year. The quality of staff is unbeatable. Equestrians like Nancy Peterson, Hollins College, and Nancy Fisk, Dana Hall, former director of riding at a preparatory school with a prestigious riding program, have shared their talent with the children of Indian Acres and Forest Acres.

Currently in her 32nd year at the camps, Carol Law (C.J.), program director of riding at Mount Holyoke College, continues to uphold and advance the riding camp standard. She brings talented college age instructors from her program at Mount Holyoke College. A great return rate for her staff proves their dedication and devotion to consistency in equestrian studies at camp.

In addition to her staff, C.J. is responsible for the quality of horses that lie at the heart of the riding program. Many of the school horses are brought from Mount Holyoke College. The horses are capable of catering to a brand new rider or the rider who is accustomed to extremely competitive riding. A number of the horses are talented show horses. The horses are safe and friendly and children form close attachments to their counter parts.

The nature and diversity of instruction at the two camps is of superior quality. The main focus and background of instructors and campers tends to be of the hunter and jumper discipline. However, a focus on equitation, dressage, combined training, and stable management is stressed in daily learning. Campers flock to the barn, nearly 65% of the campers ride, to take advantage of the lesson program. Outside the ring, children are often rewarded with a wide variety of field trips.

Campers participate at rated shows which always proves to be a success, both in fun and competition. Several campers have qualified during the summer equitation for the NEHC Medal Finals. Campers are also given the opportunity to visit local farms or equestrian events to expand their knowledge of horses outside the ring. It is the goal of the staff to stress the importance of riding as pleasure and exercise.

Each of these aspects of the riding program at Camp Forest Acres serves to support a diverse consistent quality environment for campers. The staff and the campers join together summer after summer to enjoy the world of equestrian studies.