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Staff Testimonials

I had intended to spend one summer in Maine with Forest & Indian Acres… I sit here smiling at my good fortune to actually have spent ten summers there. My summers were always fun, hard work and the most fulfilling of my life. I had the privilege of watching children and adults grow and achieve things they never thought possible; in a safe and caring environment. As I write this I can honestly say that although some friendships ‘come and go’ my camp friends are the ones that will always remain. – Trixie R.

My experience at Indian Acres as a camper and a counselor was, without a doubt, the single most meaningful, important, and long lasting chapter in my life so far.

– Adam, Pittsburgh PA, Portland, ME 1976-2008

“Being a counselor at FA was an experience that will be eternally engraved in my thoughts.”

– Anna-Maria, UK

The strength in personal development at camp (for both children and staff) is truly remarkable. I know first hand that Indian Acres has helped me see life ‘another way’. Furthermore I’ve seen camp help others see ‘another way’ too. Thank you Indian Acres, thank you.

– Steven, Second Year Returner Counselor. England.

When I think about the 37 years that I have spent at I.A. I don’t look at it as just being at a seven week camp. But rather I look at it as a seven week family re-union. For I. A. has become my extended family. I truly believe that no other camp has such a caring community.

– Gary McClurg, Fryeburg. ME