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Employment Opportunities

The Forest and Indian Acres family looks forward to meeting you and enjoys the prospect of working with you in beautiful Maine. However, before we continue, we think we should let you know what we expect in a general way before you proceed through the main gate and into the campus.

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First, we expect that the reason you got this far is that you have a genuine interest in children and teens that you care about their development and their growth, and that you’re truly excited about the opportunity to nurture boys and girls along the way to being strong, sound, healthy and happy adults. If so, proceed, drive carefully into the staff lot and we’ll give you the nickel tour.

Why Be a Staff Member?

With all this emphasis on the campers, what can you expect from a Forest and Indian experience?
For one thing, you’ll be in one of the most beautiful, restful spots in the country with an opportunity to be enriched, challenged, and rewarded.

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You can expect the kind of fulfillment that can come only from working with children of all ages. You can expect the kind of satisfaction that comes from being part of a dynamic team that has clearly defined achievable goals. You can expect the kind of feelings that come from developing relationships with children and your peers of mutual trust, loyalty, and admiration.


Salaries are scaled to age, experience, and specialty. During a season that begins one week prior to first camper arrival and ends one day after the last camper leaves, you will have six days off and every other evening off.

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Day Trips

And speaking of time off, at Indian or Forest Acres it’s really more than that. For one thing, all staff have full access to the camp facilities. You are within an easy day trip of the sights and sounds of the Maine coast, and many other justly famous New England sites. In short, you get to spend a summer working with like-minded people from many backgrounds and nationalities at an occupation that’s both satisfying and amply compensated.