Why Send the Kids to Summer Camp

  • Sending your child to a sleep-away summer camp is a huge decision for your family. If you went to camp as a child, this is probably a no-brainer – you know the benefits of a summer at camp. If you weren’t a “camp kid”, you may be wondering why parents send their children to camp for 7 weeks every summer. According to research from the American Camp Association, over 11 million kids from around the world attend residential summer camps in the United States.

    While there are plenty of camp experiences (over 7,000 in the USA alone) for you to choose from, a summer under the pines at Indian or Forest Acres is always full of amazing memories.

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    Here are some of the amazing benefits of sending your children to summer camp!

    Helps Kids Gain Independence

    A summer at camp gives children an experience that is all their own. It’s a chance for them to live and grow on their own without parents questioning every day-to-day choice. Yes, there are always staff members closely keeping watch, but they’ll learn to be more responsible for their own needs and wants. They’ll learn to adapt to their surroundings, be more resilient, and learn how to do more things on their own.

    Gets the Kids Outside

    A summer at camp allows children to experience a true summer outdoors. They are outside in the sunshine, not just playing on the swings in a city park or swimming in the neighborhood pool. There are studies about how spending time outside reduces stress and fatigue. Not to mention that spending time outside helps keep the kids moving – walking, running, jumping, swimming, climbing, biking, and the like. Also, fresh air.

    Everyone Needs a Break Sometimes

    Summer break isn’t just for the kids! It’s not only a break from school but a great opportunity for parents to relax while knowing their kids are having an amazing summer experience.


    More so than ever, kids are connected to their devices. They’ve got social media, games, and they may even take classes online. A summer at camp allows them to disconnect from the screens and learn to connect with people face-to-face.

    New People & New Experiences

    At summer camp, your child will be in new surroundings with some new (and maybe some familiar) faces. Campers at Indian & Forest Acres come from all over the United States and 15 countries. Staff members are also from places around the globe! At camp, campers are always encouraged to try a new activity or sport. Your child may be the athlete of the year at home, but when they’re at camp, they’re singing a cappella music. Camp is a safe and supportive place for your child to try something they’ve never tried before.

    It’s always hard to send the children away for the summer, but the gift of a summer at camp is far better than any material item. A summer full of memories, growth, experience, and friends – what could be better?

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