Unplugging for the Summer

  • Children and adults are more connected now than ever before. We have our phones and other devices going all the time – using them for social media, buying things we need, and even to watch our favorite TV shows. Our phones often feel like an extension of our hands and we’re lost without that little safety net. At Indian & Forest Acres, you’ll hear the phrase “disconnect to reconnect” pretty often! Without constant attachment to our devices at camp, we get to experience summer break at it’s best! A summer at camp is a chance to disconnect from our screens and make meaningful connections with nature and the people around us.

    A summer in Maine is a perfect way to unplug. At camp, they’ll be more focused on events like campfires & Color War. Here’s why a summer unplugged at Indian & Forest Acres can be beneficial for everybody!

    Color War Teams

    Focus on Being Present

    When the devices aren’t nearby, we have to focus on the present moment. We’re forced to focus on the task at hand and forming in-person relationships. Instead of worrying what we may be missing on social media, we learn to navigate interaction with other children and adults around us. Without the option of a digital distraction, children can dive into other creative and physical activities. Rather than seeing photos of nature on their devices, they’ll be experiencing nature firsthand under the pines on the shores of the Saco River every single day.

    Without technology, they’ll also engage and acclimate to their new surroundings more quickly. In turn, that means fewer chances to be homesick. Children at camp won’t be checking text messages or pictures on social media from back at home. Instead, they’ll be too busy getting settled into camp life, trying new activities, and connecting with their new cabin mates.

    Indian Acres Dance

    Practice Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

    No smartphone in hand forces children to figure out some stuff on their own. Google isn’t immediately accessible to answer every question. Children work together as a team to solve problems, learn new skills, and use their imaginations to create solutions. Children build their self-reliance and independence when they aren’t constantly communicating with parents and friends.

    At Camp, Who Needs a Cell Phone?

    If your child wants to talk to someone, it’s not hard to find them! They can find people in activities, during meal time, in the office, or run to their cabin – no texting or GPS necessary! But what about taking photos? Indian & Forest Acres has a photographer posting frequent updates to Bunk1 for parents during sessions. But feel free to send a digital camera with your camper if you’d like. You may be curious about how you would contact your child at camp, don’t worry! There’s always your weekly scheduled phone time, Bunk Notes, or old-fashioned mail – which gets distributed nightly after dinner! As always, we’ll be in touch if there is an emergency situation and encourage you to do the same.

    Summer breaks are always times for a change and new experiences. A summer camp like Indian & Forest Acres is a great place for your children to experience summer without distractions. The gift of unplugging from the hustle & bustle of the school year and making new friends in the beautiful White Mountains, without a screen, has benefits that long outlast their time at camp.