Things to Do When You’re Missing Camp

  • During the winter months, it’s definitely easy to miss the warm days of summer. You might miss jumping in the Saco, riding your favorite horses, or being a part of the play, and that’s totally ok! You might be feeling “camp sick” because you had an amazing summer at camp and you’re just missing the people and all of the fun. With camp only a few short months away, here are ideas to get you back in the spirit of Indian & Forest Acres before you head back to Fryeburg, Maine in June!

    Dig Out the Photos

    If you’re missing anything about your time at camp, it’s always a great idea to look at your favorite photos. Look at the Bunk1 galleries and any of the photos that you took during camp. You can even check out the videos posted from last summer! Sharing the stories and memories of your photos is a great way to tell your friends and family how much you love your summers at Indian & Forest Acres too! Looking back at photos from your past summers at camp is probably the quickest way for you to get back in the camp spirit.

    Spend Some Time Outside

    Obviously, summers at camp are all about spending time outside! So, spending some time outside is an easy way to reconnect with nature. Maybe you live in a city, but you can still take in some fresh air and sunshine. Head to the nearest park or playground and explore the surroundings. What do you notice about the trees, the sky, or gardens? Appreciating your natural surroundings is simple medicine when you’re feeling “camp sick.”

    Reach Out to Camp Friends

    Thanks to technology, staying in touch with your camp friends is super simple. If you’re really missing camp, send your camp friends a message or some mail – we know how much campers love mail!  Perhaps they live nearby, or maybe they are far away, but talking to friends from camp is an easy way to feel close to camp when you’re missing it.

    Set Up Camp at Home

    You probably can’t set up a campfire in the middle of your living room, but there’s no reason why you can’t recreate some of your favorite parts of camp at home! Make s’mores in the microwave or oven, sing the camp songs you love, or wear your favorite Indian & Forest Acres shirt. Camp may still be a few months away, but you can definitely enjoy some parts of camp at home while you wait!

    If you just can’t wait to get back to camp, it’s never too early to start preparing for Summer 2018! While you’re patiently waiting, make sure you’re following Indian & Forest Acres on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with camp updates throughout the Spring!