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  • 10 Thoughts Campers Have on the First Day of Camp

    The start of Summer 2018 is fast approaching – we’re 14 days away! Some pre-camp staff is already in Fryeburg preparing for the rest of the staff and campers to arrive! As your campers are getting ready to join us at Indian & Forest Acres, they might be feeling a range of emotions – excited, nervous, ready, curious, and maybe all of the above! On the first day, there’s a ton of activity and new people to meet! No matter if it’s your first summer or your fifth summer, the first day at camp is always memorable.


    We’ve gathered a list of 10 thoughts campers may have on the first day of camp. It’s important to remember that it’s totally normal to anticipate coming to camp and definitely feel nervous at the same time!

    10) How much longer ’til we get there?
    Depending on where campers come from, the journey to Fryeburg can make for a long ride! Camp is approximately 2 ½ hours from Boston and 6 ½ hours from Westchester County, including a stop for lunch.

    9) Who’s going to be in my cabin?
    That’s something campers will find out once they arrive!

    8) I wonder who my counselors will be…
    A counselor from your cabin or a unit leader will greet you once you arrive.

    7) Are my friends from last year here yet?
    Campers arrive at different points in the day. Your friends may arrive at the same time, maybe they will arrive after you or maybe they’ll already be at camp!

    6) I’m so excited!
    Good! We’re also very excited that the campers are arriving!

    5) Aw, I miss my mom/dad/sister/brother/dog, etc…
    That’s ok! It’s totally normal. Once we get into the swing of our camp activities, you’ll be busy trying new things and hanging out with your friends!

    6) Did I pack my _____?
    If you forgot something, we can try to help you find it and if need be, we can reach out to your parents if you need a replacement for an important item.

    5) I’m nervous!
    Again, totally normal! Once things settle down at camp, you won’t be nervous anymore.

    4) What are we going to do first?
    That’s a good question! There will be plenty to do once everyone arrives!

    3) What’s for lunch/dinner?
    After the trip to camp, it’s no surprise that you’re hungry! The first meals at camp are often some of the most fun!

    2) I’m tired.
    If it’s been a whirlwind travel day, that’s not surprising!

    1) I can’t wait for tomorrow!
    It’s true! There’s so much to look forward to once campers arrive at camp! The fun is about to begin!


    In these final days before camp, there’s a lot to do! Hopefully, you are finishing up packing and gathering last minute essentials. If you want your child to have some mail waiting for them upon arrival, this is a great time to prepare a letter to send to camp. Another summer under the pines is upon us and we can’t wait to get started!

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have last minute questions or concerns!

  • Improving Skills at Indian and Forest Acres

    Sports and activities, of all kinds, fill children’s schedule throughout the school year. Athletics, performing arts, scouting – it all adds up! During a summer at Indian and Forest Acres, children have a chance to try out new activities they might not have time for during the school year. Or, they might choose to pursue their favorite activities as often as possible during their time at camp! They’ll get to decide which activities to participate in every day at Indian and Forest Acres.


    With seven weeks full of activities or rehearsals, there are plenty of opportunities to improve their activity of choice. From their first day at camp to their last day of camp, it’s easy to see how much they’ve improved in certain activities. At camp, children have a longer amount of time to focus on sports and activities they enjoy, in an open and positive environment.

    Learning from a new coach or counselor is just one of the many ways children can build their skills while at camp. At Indian and Forest Acres, counselors and staff are excited to work with children of all skill levels. Every activity is led by a staff member who is experienced in and passionate about what they teach. When a child has the opportunity to learn from a new teacher or coach, they can see their activities in a new light. The new perspective gives campers a chance to enjoy their favorite activities in a new way.



    Indian and Forest Acres Camps are the perfect place for a child to practice new skills and improve upon the skills they already have. Children have the opportunity to learn from peers with more experience and help newer campers who are trying activities for the first time. As they are participating in activities together, they’re making friends and creating a new positive support system without even realizing it! They’re cheering for each other, every day in every activity.

    During the 4-7 weeks that campers are with us, they may choose to just focus on a few favorite activities. However, many campers pursue lots of different interests during their time at camp. Campers are free to try a little bit of all the different activities while they are at camp.



    No matter what activity is a camper’s favorite, there’s an opportunity to try them all! Summers at Indian and Forest Acres are a terrific opportunity for children to practice new skills and improve upon what they already know!

    Camp starts in LESS than one month! Are you ready? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest happenings!

  • Each Summer is Special at Indian and Forest Acres

    No two summers in Fryeburg, Maine are ever 100% the same. Each summer under the pines always brings new experiences and opportunities for campers and staff alike. Everyone experiences the big parts of the camp season, but also learns something about themselves in the process. Anyone who comes to camp remembers when Color War breaks or being a part of “The Sing.” It’s the moments in-between that create some of the best memories.

    There are definitely a few traditions that campers and families expect each summer at Indian & Forest Acres. We’re talking about the Coed Play, 4th of July festivities, each camp’s end-of-summer banquet – the list goes on. These traditions get campers excited during the course of the summer, but it’s the little things that happen every day that often stick with campers and staff long after they’ve left camp.


    Indian Acres Banquet Night


    Looking back, there are a few things that make each summer so special. Whether it’s trying a new activity for the first time or making a new friend in their cabin, summers at Indian and Forest Acres are an amazing opportunity for children to create some of their own special summer memories.

    Songs & Cheers

    Ask any former campers what they remember about camp and they’ll probably mention (or sing) a favorite camp song! Singing and cheering happen every single day at Indian & Forest Acres. There are songs that happen during meals, during campfires, and during weekly services that stick with campers from year to year. At sporting events, campers are always cheering each other on to do their best. Once Color War breaks, there are twice as many opportunities for singing and cheering all around camp! Just about anything at camp can be celebrated with a song or cheer.


    Giggles & Laughter

    Is it impossible to laugh or smile too much? We don’t think so! Every summer, the sounds of laughter can be heard all around camp. Perhaps campers are performing a silly skit at campfire, or a counselor is wearing a funny wig at the talent show, or just playing games – laughter is a constant at camp. Campers may not remember all of the things they were laughing about, but they’ll remember who they were laughing with!


    Camp Spirit

    At Indian & Forest Acres, the camp spirit is easy to see amongst every member of the camp community. Campers and staff return year after year to “Our Summer Place” because of the traditions and friendships they’ve made. Some campers and staff even have parents, and yes, even grandparents, who spent their summers at Indian and Forest Acres. It’s truly a second family and once you’re a part of it, it’s for life!



  • 5 Clever Ideas for Indian & Forest Acres Care Packages

    After a long day of fun at both Indian & Forest Acres, the dining halls are always full of noise and laughter as campers and staff wind down after another day of camp. Once dinner is cleaned up and cabins are dismissed, one of the most exciting parts of the day happens…mail time! Campers eagerly check the list of names to see if they’ve received any packages while counselors check the mailboxes to hand out their cabin’s mail! Campers (and staff) LOVE getting mail! If you’re looking for a few ideas on what to send in a camper’s package, we’ve got you covered.   

    Indian Acres Mail

    Mail call at Indian Acres!


    First things first, we respectfully ask that you DO NOT send food in any packages and limit the number of packages to FOUR for the summer. We appreciate your help and understanding in this matter.  


    Cabin Decorating Supplies

    Getting a box full of cabin decorating supplies is sure to excite your camper & their cabinmates! Consider sending things like small pictures or posters that can be easily attached with tape or pushpins. Even small pillows for a camper’s bed are perfect to send in a package to decorate their cabin space. Origami paper or cardstock is something else useful for inside the cabin! With those items, campers can create some of their own custom pieces to hang inside the cabin.


    Junior Games Forest Acres


    Travel-Size Games & Card Games

    These are awesome surprises to get at camp! These games are great for rest hours, Junior Games, or evening cabin activities. Plus, they get campers interacting and playing together. Some popular board games that have multiple players are Scrabble, Clue, Monopoly, and Hungry, Hungry Hippo! If cards are more exciting for your camper, regular playing cards are always enjoyable! Games like Headbandz, Uno, or Skip-Bo! Flashcards are also a useful (not to mention educational) addition to a camper’s package!


    Temporary Tattoos

    These are fun for all ages! It’s easy to find these and slip them into packages or a letter! Children love getting to show off parts of their personality with a few temporary tattoos! Movie characters, fun phrases, cute animals, and anything else you can imagine can become a temporary tattoo! Also, temporary tattoos are very easy to share with their camp friends!


    Stuff that Glows

    Glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow in the dark stars – it’s all a hit! Campers spend a fair amount of time outside at dusk and into the evening. Glowing accessories are always a nice bonus to their evening activities. Plus, they’re very fun for Fourth of July fireworks!


    Forest Acres Mail


    Forgotten Items

    In the hustle and bustle of packing for camp, it’s easy to forget a few small things – hair ties, an mp3 player, Color War gear, or even a camper’s watch! Items like these are perfect to send to camp!  

    Simple items like extra socks, a favorite book, or even toiletries can be exciting packages to open after dinner! Think outside of the box and send something unique to your favorite camper! Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

    We’re just 42 days from starting Summer 2018! Have you completed your camper’s registration?


  • 10 Fun Items to Pack for a Summer at Indian & Forest Acres

    We’re 50 days from starting our summer “under the pines!” If you are as excited about camp as we are, you’re probably getting the camp duffel bags down and ready to be packed up for the summer! Think it’s too early? Nah, it’s never too early to start getting prepared for camp! While both Indian Acres & Forest Acres have a packing list, there are always a few fun and useful items that aren’t necessarily essential but can be an excellent addition to your camper’s experience.


    Pre-Addressed & Pre-Stamped Envelopes

    Make writing a letter home simple for your camper with some pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes. Pack a folder or large envelope in their luggage with some blank paper, the prepared envelopes, stickers, and a couple of pens or pencils. Make an envelope for everyone who might want a letter – home, grandparents, aunts & uncles, and some friends from home! If you have everything already prepared for your camper, you’ll be more likely to get a letter or two!

    An Egg Crate Mattress Pad

    With the hustle and bustle of camp’s daily activities, a good night’s sleep is necessary! An egg crate mattress pad is an option to pad their mattress so their bed is just a bit comfier. Plus, the egg crate mattress pads help insulate the beds on the chillier Maine evenings.



    Clothing for Color War

    It doesn’t matter if this is your first summer or 6th summer, clothing for Color War is always a necessity. Having a good combination of clothing in the appropriate team color is always useful once Color War breaks. Shirts, pants, socks, bandanas, hats, costume pieces, etc. are all potential clothing options. Not sure what color to send with your child? At Forest Acres, your options are green and tan (often yellow clothing is worn in place of tan). At Indian Acres, the color options are brown and red.


    Reading Light

    At night or on extremely cloudy days at camp, a reading light can be useful inside of the cabin. Whether that’s a headlight, lantern, or a light that clips to their bedside cubbies, these help keep their hands free for reading or writing letters home once it’s dark.


    An Extra Blanket

    It never hurts to have an extra blanket on hand when it gets chilly! Even if you’ve got a sleeping bag, an extra blanket is great to use for campfires, movies in the gym, or the 4th of July fireworks!



    Books for Downtime

    Even though our campers have packed days, there’s definitely still time to get some reading done! Send some of their required summer reading or some of their favorite magazines for downtime at night, during rest hours, or bus rides on trip days. If your camper doesn’t prefer books, send some of their favorite comic books, MadLibs, playing cards, or even a coloring book!



    Clothing for Special Events

    Don’t be afraid to send a few nicer tops & bottoms for special events. There are often coed dance nights where campers may want to dress up! There’s also an All-Camp Dance near the end of the summer that is usually themed in some way and your camper might want to wear a related costume piece. Keep an eye on your email – we’ll announce the All-Camp Dance theme in June! There are also plays and talent shows that happen during camp, so if you have any clothing that may work for those, consider packing them.


    Extra Batteries

    These are important! Be prepared with a few extra batteries for flashlights or small fans packed in their luggage so they’re already at camp when your child may need them!


    Waterproof Disposable Camera

    The hardshell cameras are a great way to encourage your campers to take some of their own photos over the summer. They can take these inexpensive cameras out to Lovewell, on trip days, or just carry them around camp to get pictures. It’s great to bring a camera to camp, but these disposable ones are great as they are easily replaceable if they are dropped or damaged. But don’t worry, our camp photographer will still be posting photos during camp on Bunk1!



    Something Loved from Home

    Whether this is a stuffed animal or a favorite pillow, it’s a good idea to pack a beloved memento from home to comfort a camper! Even a small photo album with family and pet photos can be a great thing for your camper to share with their counselors and cabinmates after a long day of activities.


    As you begin packing, make an inventory list of everything going into their camp bags. That list is extremely helpful to your child and to the counselors when preparing to pack up for home! A summer at Indian or Forest Acres is a wonderful opportunity for your child to explore the nature of Maine, meet new people, and try new things! Packing them up with everything they’ll need means a happier summer camp experience for them – and you!


    Have questions about packing & preparing for camp? Contact us here!