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  • Five Common Myths About Summer Camp…DEBUNKED!

    We’ve made it to Spring Break, which means summer isn’t far away. As you’re considering summer options for your family, you’ve probably come across a few common myths about summer camp. We’ve gathered up some common ones so you can readily send your children to Indian & Forest Acres for a summer of trying new things, building self-esteem, and joining a new community of friends and mentors.


    MYTH: Summer camp isn’t for everyone.

    Definitely not true! There are numerous types of summer camps all over the United States for just about every type of activity you can imagine. At Indian & Forest Acres, we offer a wide variety of activities for all interests. Whether it is arts & crafts, sports, drama, music, or waterfront activities at Lovewell, there are areas for every camper to grow and excel. Our flexible program allows campers to keep enjoying their favorite activities, but also opens the door to trying new things throughout the summer.

    MYTH: Summer camp isn’t educational.

    It’s definitely not a formal learning situation, but there are plenty of things that are educational at camp. While children aren’t sitting in a classroom learning, they are definitely still learning life skills during their time at camp. Campers are constantly learning physical, social, and leadership skills throughout their time at camp.  

    girls watersports


    MYTH: Kids sleep in tents, with zero electricity and running water ALL summer!?

    Definitely not the case! While many of our campers go on an actual camping excursion during the summer, when they’re at Indian & Forest Acres they live in an actual cabin. This cabin definitely has running water and electricity. It’s not a luxury resort, but trust us, they have beds and showers.


    MYTH: My child will not survive a summer without electronics!

    Oh, they will! They might even like it! A summer unplugged at Indian & Forest Acres is beneficial to campers and staff alike. Without the added digital distractions, campers are so busy diving into their daily activities that they don’t even miss their devices.


    MYTH: Homesickness will ruin their entire camp experience.

    That’s doubtful. If it’s their first time away from home for an extended amount of time, then your child may experience some short-term homesickness. Homesickness is pretty common! It just means they miss their loved ones and feel safe at home and in their normal surroundings. After a few days, once they’ve got into a new routine of fun activities, they’re having a great time.


    boys hockey

    We’re just 72 days away from starting our summer on the Saco. Will your child be joining us for a summer of new experiences and memories?

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  • Five Easy Ways to Prepare for Camp this Spring

    Now that Spring Break is over, many Indian & Forest Acres campers are counting down the days until they’re back under the pines and swimming in the Saco River! Preparing for a summer away at camp can be a bit overwhelming for children (and their parents), but a little bit of early planning can help put your mind at ease. It doesn’t matter if it’s your child’s 1st or 8th summer, here are a few things to start thinking about before sending your child to Fryeburg, Maine for the summer!



    Enroll Your Campers
    If you haven’t already, spring is a perfect time to complete your child’s enrollment and camp paperwork! Blocking out some time in the spring to finish up the necessary forms will save you time as the camp arrival date approaches. No need for last-minute panicking if you get the required forms completed early!

    Schedule Pre-Camp Appointments
    Things like a trip to the pediatrician, optometrist, or dentist may need to be scheduled a few months in advance. These appointments are a great time to think about any medications that a camper may need to bring to camp or any immunizations that your child may need. For athletes, eyewear and mouth gear may need to be checked prior to camp.


    Practice Camp Skills at Home
    You won’t be living with your camper while they are at camp, so helping them learn a few basic skills before camp will help ease this transition. Children can practice making the bed, sweeping the floor, and packing their laundry bags so they’ll be pros by the time they get to Indian & Forest Acres!


    Stockpile Supplies
    Rather than making one big shopping trip prior to camp, it’s easy to begin gradually buying items your child will need once they arrive at camp. Socks, bug spray, sunscreen, and writing supplies are easy items to pick up when you’re out and about shopping! Children love to help pick out items that they can take to camp, plus buying early helps you avoid any last-minute forgotten items!


    Plan for Some R&R
    When your child is at camp, make sure you plan to recharge your own batteries! Parents need to look forward to the summer also. Whether that’s a vacation or regular dinner plans with friends, embrace the quiet time while the kids are having an amazing summer at Indian & Forest Acres.

    It’s never too early to get in the camp spirit! Coming to Indian & Forest Acres is a great opportunity for your child so start getting them excited about the idea of a summer at camp!

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  • Interview with a CIT – Sarah S.

    At Indian & Forest Acres, we love our C.I.T.s! Our Counselors-In-Training are valuable assets to our Administrative Staff and their fellow counselors. Our C.I.T.s have “graduated” from being campers in the past, but now, they just can’t stay away from camp! They assist with cabin activities, trip days, and help with other camp traditions throughout the summer. Since they’ve been coming to camp for a while already, they make great resources for current campers because they already know all the tricks of camp!

    This summer, we’re excited to share that we have several past campers coming back to be C.I.T.s. Today, we’re introducing you to one of our C.I.T.s who is excited to be back at camp this summer.

    Meet Sarah S. from New York City!


    Q: How many years have you been coming to Forest Acres?
    I have been at Forest Acres for 7 summers and am excited that my 8th is only a few months away!

    Q: What is your favorite memory from your time at Forest Acres…so far?
    My favorite memory from Forest Acres is the banquet. Every year, Tanglewood gets decorated to look like something out of a movie, and it always looks amazing. We eat great food and reflect on the summer that is sadly drawing to a close. One of my favorite parts of the banquet is the song where everyone stands up when we sing the year they came to camp. We sing this song on the first night of camp and then again at the banquet on the second to last night. To me, this song symbolizes that no matter what year you came, whether it’s your 1st year or your 10th, by the time we sing the
    song again at the banquet, we are all a part of the same wonderful camp community that will hopefully be here for many more years to come.

    Q: What are you most excited for this summer as a C.I.T.?
    I am most excited to see my friends again and be able to bask in the wonderfulness of camp. I have grown up at camp and have made so many lifelong friends here. I am also excited to be able to learn how to be a counselor because the counselors are a huge, but underrated, part of camp. Without the counselors, there would be no camp, and I am excited to start the process of becoming a counselor.

    Q: What do you hope to share with/teach new campers this summer?
    I hope to share my love of camp with new campers this summer. I’m excited to be able to pass down everything I have learned from camp onto the younger campers. I’m excited to be able to influence younger girls and help them grow, like my counselors did for me. I also hope to teach campers that camp is all about having fun, making friends, and learning new skills.

    Sarah and Bert (Forest Acres’ Head Counselor) at the Banquet where Sarah was awarded the Gertrude Krasker Award for Outstanding Camper!

    Not only do C.I.T.s bring great camp knowledge to the table, they still get to experience all the fun that Indian & Forest Acres has to offer! While transitioning from campers to counselors as C.I.T.s, they’re learning leadership skills and building their work ethic for future endeavors. C.I.T.s are passionate about camp and working with children and they make incredible additions to our team.

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  • Unplugging for the Summer

    Children and adults are more connected now than ever before. We have our phones and other devices going all the time – using them for social media, buying things we need, and even to watch our favorite TV shows. Our phones often feel like an extension of our hands and we’re lost without that little safety net. At Indian & Forest Acres, you’ll hear the phrase “disconnect to reconnect” pretty often! Without constant attachment to our devices at camp, we get to experience summer break at it’s best! A summer at camp is a chance to disconnect from our screens and make meaningful connections with nature and the people around us.

    A summer in Maine is a perfect way to unplug. At camp, they’ll be more focused on events like campfires & Color War. Here’s why a summer unplugged at Indian & Forest Acres can be beneficial for everybody!

    Color War Teams

    Focus on Being Present

    When the devices aren’t nearby, we have to focus on the present moment. We’re forced to focus on the task at hand and forming in-person relationships. Instead of worrying what we may be missing on social media, we learn to navigate interaction with other children and adults around us. Without the option of a digital distraction, children can dive into other creative and physical activities. Rather than seeing photos of nature on their devices, they’ll be experiencing nature firsthand under the pines on the shores of the Saco River every single day.

    Without technology, they’ll also engage and acclimate to their new surroundings more quickly. In turn, that means fewer chances to be homesick. Children at camp won’t be checking text messages or pictures on social media from back at home. Instead, they’ll be too busy getting settled into camp life, trying new activities, and connecting with their new cabin mates.

    Indian Acres Dance

    Practice Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

    No smartphone in hand forces children to figure out some stuff on their own. Google isn’t immediately accessible to answer every question. Children work together as a team to solve problems, learn new skills, and use their imaginations to create solutions. Children build their self-reliance and independence when they aren’t constantly communicating with parents and friends.

    At Camp, Who Needs a Cell Phone?

    If your child wants to talk to someone, it’s not hard to find them! They can find people in activities, during meal time, in the office, or run to their cabin – no texting or GPS necessary! But what about taking photos? Indian & Forest Acres has a photographer posting frequent updates to Bunk1 for parents during sessions. But feel free to send a digital camera with your camper if you’d like. You may be curious about how you would contact your child at camp, don’t worry! There’s always your weekly scheduled phone time, Bunk Notes, or old-fashioned mail – which gets distributed nightly after dinner! As always, we’ll be in touch if there is an emergency situation and encourage you to do the same.

    Summer breaks are always times for a change and new experiences. A summer camp like Indian & Forest Acres is a great place for your children to experience summer without distractions. The gift of unplugging from the hustle & bustle of the school year and making new friends in the beautiful White Mountains, without a screen, has benefits that long outlast their time at camp.

  • Things to Do When You’re Missing Camp

    During the winter months, it’s definitely easy to miss the warm days of summer. You might miss jumping in the Saco, riding your favorite horses, or being a part of the play, and that’s totally ok! You might be feeling “camp sick” because you had an amazing summer at camp and you’re just missing the people and all of the fun. With camp only a few short months away, here are ideas to get you back in the spirit of Indian & Forest Acres before you head back to Fryeburg, Maine in June!

    Dig Out the Photos

    If you’re missing anything about your time at camp, it’s always a great idea to look at your favorite photos. Look at the Bunk1 galleries and any of the photos that you took during camp. You can even check out the videos posted from last summer! Sharing the stories and memories of your photos is a great way to tell your friends and family how much you love your summers at Indian & Forest Acres too! Looking back at photos from your past summers at camp is probably the quickest way for you to get back in the camp spirit.

    Spend Some Time Outside

    Obviously, summers at camp are all about spending time outside! So, spending some time outside is an easy way to reconnect with nature. Maybe you live in a city, but you can still take in some fresh air and sunshine. Head to the nearest park or playground and explore the surroundings. What do you notice about the trees, the sky, or gardens? Appreciating your natural surroundings is simple medicine when you’re feeling “camp sick.”

    Reach Out to Camp Friends

    Thanks to technology, staying in touch with your camp friends is super simple. If you’re really missing camp, send your camp friends a message or some mail – we know how much campers love mail!  Perhaps they live nearby, or maybe they are far away, but talking to friends from camp is an easy way to feel close to camp when you’re missing it.

    Set Up Camp at Home

    You probably can’t set up a campfire in the middle of your living room, but there’s no reason why you can’t recreate some of your favorite parts of camp at home! Make s’mores in the microwave or oven, sing the camp songs you love, or wear your favorite Indian & Forest Acres shirt. Camp may still be a few months away, but you can definitely enjoy some parts of camp at home while you wait!

    If you just can’t wait to get back to camp, it’s never too early to start preparing for Summer 2018! While you’re patiently waiting, make sure you’re following Indian & Forest Acres on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with camp updates throughout the Spring!