Interview with a CIT – Sarah S.

  • At Indian & Forest Acres, we love our C.I.T.s! Our Counselors-In-Training are valuable assets to our Administrative Staff and their fellow counselors. Our C.I.T.s have “graduated” from being campers in the past, but now, they just can’t stay away from camp! They assist with cabin activities, trip days, and help with other camp traditions throughout the summer. Since they’ve been coming to camp for a while already, they make great resources for current campers because they already know all the tricks of camp!

    This summer, we’re excited to share that we have several past campers coming back to be C.I.T.s. Today, we’re introducing you to one of our C.I.T.s who is excited to be back at camp this summer.

    Meet Sarah S. from New York City!


    Q: How many years have you been coming to Forest Acres?
    I have been at Forest Acres for 7 summers and am excited that my 8th is only a few months away!

    Q: What is your favorite memory from your time at Forest Acres…so far?
    My favorite memory from Forest Acres is the banquet. Every year, Tanglewood gets decorated to look like something out of a movie, and it always looks amazing. We eat great food and reflect on the summer that is sadly drawing to a close. One of my favorite parts of the banquet is the song where everyone stands up when we sing the year they came to camp. We sing this song on the first night of camp and then again at the banquet on the second to last night. To me, this song symbolizes that no matter what year you came, whether it’s your 1st year or your 10th, by the time we sing the
    song again at the banquet, we are all a part of the same wonderful camp community that will hopefully be here for many more years to come.

    Q: What are you most excited for this summer as a C.I.T.?
    I am most excited to see my friends again and be able to bask in the wonderfulness of camp. I have grown up at camp and have made so many lifelong friends here. I am also excited to be able to learn how to be a counselor because the counselors are a huge, but underrated, part of camp. Without the counselors, there would be no camp, and I am excited to start the process of becoming a counselor.

    Q: What do you hope to share with/teach new campers this summer?
    I hope to share my love of camp with new campers this summer. I’m excited to be able to pass down everything I have learned from camp onto the younger campers. I’m excited to be able to influence younger girls and help them grow, like my counselors did for me. I also hope to teach campers that camp is all about having fun, making friends, and learning new skills.

    Sarah and Bert (Forest Acres’ Head Counselor) at the Banquet where Sarah was awarded the Gertrude Krasker Award for Outstanding Camper!

    Not only do C.I.T.s bring great camp knowledge to the table, they still get to experience all the fun that Indian & Forest Acres has to offer! While transitioning from campers to counselors as C.I.T.s, they’re learning leadership skills and building their work ethic for future endeavors. C.I.T.s are passionate about camp and working with children and they make incredible additions to our team.

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