Improving Skills at Indian and Forest Acres

  • Sports and activities, of all kinds, fill children’s schedule throughout the school year. Athletics, performing arts, scouting – it all adds up! During a summer at Indian and Forest Acres, children have a chance to try out new activities they might not have time for during the school year. Or, they might choose to pursue their favorite activities as often as possible during their time at camp! They’ll get to decide which activities to participate in every day at Indian and Forest Acres.


    With seven weeks full of activities or rehearsals, there are plenty of opportunities to improve their activity of choice. From their first day at camp to their last day of camp, it’s easy to see how much they’ve improved in certain activities. At camp, children have a longer amount of time to focus on sports and activities they enjoy, in an open and positive environment.

    Learning from a new coach or counselor is just one of the many ways children can build their skills while at camp. At Indian and Forest Acres, counselors and staff are excited to work with children of all skill levels. Every activity is led by a staff member who is experienced in and passionate about what they teach. When a child has the opportunity to learn from a new teacher or coach, they can see their activities in a new light. The new perspective gives campers a chance to enjoy their favorite activities in a new way.



    Indian and Forest Acres Camps are the perfect place for a child to practice new skills and improve upon the skills they already have. Children have the opportunity to learn from peers with more experience and help newer campers who are trying activities for the first time. As they are participating in activities together, they’re making friends and creating a new positive support system without even realizing it! They’re cheering for each other, every day in every activity.

    During the 4-7 weeks that campers are with us, they may choose to just focus on a few favorite activities. However, many campers pursue lots of different interests during their time at camp. Campers are free to try a little bit of all the different activities while they are at camp.



    No matter what activity is a camper’s favorite, there’s an opportunity to try them all! Summers at Indian and Forest Acres are a terrific opportunity for children to practice new skills and improve upon what they already know!

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