How to Handle that First Phone Call Home

  • Campers are in the full swing of life at camp! Songs are being sung in the dining halls, sports are being played, and there’s a ton of activity happening under the pines. Now that campers are settling into the swing of things, it’s almost time for their first phone calls home. Phone times are something that parents and campers look forward to during the course of the summer. It’s a great time to ask about your camper’s experience so far, but phone time can just as easily cause a few tears. When your camper calls, here are a few things to keep in mind when it’s your camper’s phone time.



    Everyone May Cry

    Tears are totally normal during phone time. Sometimes all it takes is hearing a familiar voice for tears to start. If you’re sad, try to keep it to yourself as campers easily pick up on that and it may cause a new bout of homesickness. Stress the positives during your calls to help keep the tears to a minimum.


    Plan Ahead

    Phone times are pretty short, so knowing what you may want to bring up with your camper is key to maximizing your 15 minutes. Asking about what they like the most so far or what activities they are looking forward to are usually a safe place to start.


    What Do They Need?

    Phone time is a great time to see if your camper needs anything. Socks, toothbrushes, and other necessary items often run out or get lost during the summer and they may need a replacement. If you’ve been wondering what to send in a care package, this is a great way to fill up a box.


    Don’t Tell Them Too Much

    If you’re telling your camper all about the fun things you’ve been doing while they’re gone, they may be a little sad that they are missing out on the adventure. Instead, focus the short phone time towards them and their experience. Many times, once they start talking, it’s hard to get them to stop.



    As always, if you have any concerns that arise after a phone call with your camper, don’t hesitate to call camp. Let us help address your concerns so that your camper can enjoy a great summer here with us in Fryeburg.


    Happy Summer 2018!