Five Easy Ways to Prepare for Camp this Spring

  • Now that Spring Break is over, many Indian & Forest Acres campers are counting down the days until they’re back under the pines and swimming in the Saco River! Preparing for a summer away at camp can be a bit overwhelming for children (and their parents), but a little bit of early planning can help put your mind at ease. It doesn’t matter if it’s your child’s 1st or 8th summer, here are a few things to start thinking about before sending your child to Fryeburg, Maine for the summer!



    Enroll Your Campers
    If you haven’t already, spring is a perfect time to complete your child’s enrollment and camp paperwork! Blocking out some time in the spring to finish up the necessary forms will save you time as the camp arrival date approaches. No need for last-minute panicking if you get the required forms completed early!

    Schedule Pre-Camp Appointments
    Things like a trip to the pediatrician, optometrist, or dentist may need to be scheduled a few months in advance. These appointments are a great time to think about any medications that a camper may need to bring to camp or any immunizations that your child may need. For athletes, eyewear and mouth gear may need to be checked prior to camp.


    Practice Camp Skills at Home
    You won’t be living with your camper while they are at camp, so helping them learn a few basic skills before camp will help ease this transition. Children can practice making the bed, sweeping the floor, and packing their laundry bags so they’ll be pros by the time they get to Indian & Forest Acres!


    Stockpile Supplies
    Rather than making one big shopping trip prior to camp, it’s easy to begin gradually buying items your child will need once they arrive at camp. Socks, bug spray, sunscreen, and writing supplies are easy items to pick up when you’re out and about shopping! Children love to help pick out items that they can take to camp, plus buying early helps you avoid any last-minute forgotten items!


    Plan for Some R&R
    When your child is at camp, make sure you plan to recharge your own batteries! Parents need to look forward to the summer also. Whether that’s a vacation or regular dinner plans with friends, embrace the quiet time while the kids are having an amazing summer at Indian & Forest Acres.

    It’s never too early to get in the camp spirit! Coming to Indian & Forest Acres is a great opportunity for your child so start getting them excited about the idea of a summer at camp!

    Check out the Indian Acres & Forest Acres Camp Stores to start stocking up on items for your campers.