Five Common Myths About Summer Camp…DEBUNKED!

  • We’ve made it to Spring Break, which means summer isn’t far away. As you’re considering summer options for your family, you’ve probably come across a few common myths about summer camp. We’ve gathered up some common ones so you can readily send your children to Indian & Forest Acres for a summer of trying new things, building self-esteem, and joining a new community of friends and mentors.


    MYTH: Summer camp isn’t for everyone.

    Definitely not true! There are numerous types of summer camps all over the United States for just about every type of activity you can imagine. At Indian & Forest Acres, we offer a wide variety of activities for all interests. Whether it is arts & crafts, sports, drama, music, or waterfront activities at Lovewell, there are areas for every camper to grow and excel. Our flexible program allows campers to keep enjoying their favorite activities, but also opens the door to trying new things throughout the summer.

    MYTH: Summer camp isn’t educational.

    It’s definitely not a formal learning situation, but there are plenty of things that are educational at camp. While children aren’t sitting in a classroom learning, they are definitely still learning life skills during their time at camp. Campers are constantly learning physical, social, and leadership skills throughout their time at camp.  

    girls watersports


    MYTH: Kids sleep in tents, with zero electricity and running water ALL summer!?

    Definitely not the case! While many of our campers go on an actual camping excursion during the summer, when they’re at Indian & Forest Acres they live in an actual cabin. This cabin definitely has running water and electricity. It’s not a luxury resort, but trust us, they have beds and showers.


    MYTH: My child will not survive a summer without electronics!

    Oh, they will! They might even like it! A summer unplugged at Indian & Forest Acres is beneficial to campers and staff alike. Without the added digital distractions, campers are so busy diving into their daily activities that they don’t even miss their devices.


    MYTH: Homesickness will ruin their entire camp experience.

    That’s doubtful. If it’s their first time away from home for an extended amount of time, then your child may experience some short-term homesickness. Homesickness is pretty common! It just means they miss their loved ones and feel safe at home and in their normal surroundings. After a few days, once they’ve got into a new routine of fun activities, they’re having a great time.


    boys hockey

    We’re just 72 days away from starting our summer on the Saco. Will your child be joining us for a summer of new experiences and memories?

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