5 Lifelong Lessons from Summer Camp

  • Summers at camp can be some of the best times in a child’s life. Summers away from home and spent in nature with new friends and opportunities can definitely shape their view of the world around them. At Indian & Forest Acres Camps, once you’re a part of the camp community, memories and lessons learned stick with you for a lifetime – no matter when you first came to camp!

    A child’s time at camp lasts longer than the few weeks they are with us in Fryeburg. Countless memories are made and stories are still being shared long after the children return home. A summer at Indian & Forest Acres creates an opportunity for children to learn some of life’s greatest lessons and other important skills for their future endeavors.

    Here are some lifelong lessons learned from being a camper at Indian & Forest Acres:


    Friendships made in the camp community are some of the best friendships that a child can have. Getting to know others in their cabins, units, and from places around the world is an amazing opportunity for them to gain a new perspective of the people around them! At camp, age groups don’t limit opportunities for friendship when campers are all eating, learning, and growing up together. Many times, these friendships last long after their time as campers, building a network for life. With all the technology available today, it’s very easy for campers to stay in contact after camp ends!


    Forest Acres Frienship


    Confidence & Courage
    A summer at camp is the perfect time for children to learn a new skill and try a new activity – perhaps something they may not have time for during the school year. Trying new things can give kids the courage to make mistakes and learn without the boundaries of the classroom. During a summer at camp, children can build up their self-confidence as well. They are surrounded by people who support them and encourage them to do their best on a daily basis. Children are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones at camp and when they succeed, it’s a perfect moment for boosting their self-confidence!


    Indian Acres Teamwork


    Learning how to be a team player and member of a community is a skill that can easily be carried into adulthood. Learning how to work with others on a team or in their cabins, learning from one another, and learning how to solve problems and disagreements together is just part of the beauty of teamwork. Building that team and community mindset at camp is a great life skill that sticks with campers long after they leave Indian & Forest Acres.


    Indian Forest ACres Teamwork


    Time at camp is a great way for campers to practice a little personal responsibility. Campers are charged with cleaning tasks in their cabins, keeping their personal spaces tidy, choosing some of their daily activities, or serving in a leadership role around camp if they are an older camper! Practicing responsibility early helps children to feel capable and like they can contribute to the camp community, plus it’s definitely something that will help them in future educational and professional pursuits.


    Indian Acres Responsibility


    Ask anyone who has ever been to summer camp, chances are they still remember some very vivid moments from their camp experience. Whether it’s camp songs and cheers, Color War, their favorite camp foods, or campfires, there are always stories to be told.


    Forest Acres Memories

    Life lessons are learned every day at Indian & Forest Acres! While they may think they are just at camp to have fun and make friends, they’re building character, learning new skills, and becoming more independent.

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