5 Clever Ideas for Indian & Forest Acres Care Packages

  • After a long day of fun at both Indian & Forest Acres, the dining halls are always full of noise and laughter as campers and staff wind down after another day of camp. Once dinner is cleaned up and cabins are dismissed, one of the most exciting parts of the day happens…mail time! Campers eagerly check the list of names to see if they’ve received any packages while counselors check the mailboxes to hand out their cabin’s mail! Campers (and staff) LOVE getting mail! If you’re looking for a few ideas on what to send in a camper’s package, we’ve got you covered.   

    Indian Acres Mail

    Mail call at Indian Acres!


    First things first, we respectfully ask that you DO NOT send food in any packages and limit the number of packages to FOUR for the summer. We appreciate your help and understanding in this matter.  


    Cabin Decorating Supplies

    Getting a box full of cabin decorating supplies is sure to excite your camper & their cabinmates! Consider sending things like small pictures or posters that can be easily attached with tape or pushpins. Even small pillows for a camper’s bed are perfect to send in a package to decorate their cabin space. Origami paper or cardstock is something else useful for inside the cabin! With those items, campers can create some of their own custom pieces to hang inside the cabin.


    Junior Games Forest Acres


    Travel-Size Games & Card Games

    These are awesome surprises to get at camp! These games are great for rest hours, Junior Games, or evening cabin activities. Plus, they get campers interacting and playing together. Some popular board games that have multiple players are Scrabble, Clue, Monopoly, and Hungry, Hungry Hippo! If cards are more exciting for your camper, regular playing cards are always enjoyable! Games like Headbandz, Uno, or Skip-Bo! Flashcards are also a useful (not to mention educational) addition to a camper’s package!


    Temporary Tattoos

    These are fun for all ages! It’s easy to find these and slip them into packages or a letter! Children love getting to show off parts of their personality with a few temporary tattoos! Movie characters, fun phrases, cute animals, and anything else you can imagine can become a temporary tattoo! Also, temporary tattoos are very easy to share with their camp friends!


    Stuff that Glows

    Glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow in the dark stars – it’s all a hit! Campers spend a fair amount of time outside at dusk and into the evening. Glowing accessories are always a nice bonus to their evening activities. Plus, they’re very fun for Fourth of July fireworks!


    Forest Acres Mail


    Forgotten Items

    In the hustle and bustle of packing for camp, it’s easy to forget a few small things – hair ties, an mp3 player, Color War gear, or even a camper’s watch! Items like these are perfect to send to camp!  

    Simple items like extra socks, a favorite book, or even toiletries can be exciting packages to open after dinner! Think outside of the box and send something unique to your favorite camper! Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

    We’re just 42 days from starting Summer 2018! Have you completed your camper’s registration?