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  • Counselors, Counselors – Are You Ready? We’re Ready!

    That’s right – we’re welcoming campers and getting Summer 2018 underway!

    Over the past several days, all of our staff has settled into Indian and Forest Acres to complete pre-camp training. Our pre-camp training covers just about everything our staff needs to know for their summer in Fryeburg.



    We’ve been diving into all of the traditions that make Indian & Forest Acres so special. After 95 years, there’s a lot to learn! For many of the staff, this is their first time working as a camp counselor. During the week, our sessions have covered the nuts & bolts of camp – policies, procedures, and where you can find the things you need around camp. Once the staff gets the basics down, they work within their cabins and units to start planning activities for the summer. They also to get to work within their activity area – gathering supplies, making lesson plans, and general prep work that needs to be completed before campers arrive.

    Even with all of the training, there have still been plenty of opportunities for fun! After long days of pre-camp training, the staff has had the opportunity to enjoy some fun in the evenings. From co-ed staff competitions to an evening karaoke party, we’re soaking up the last few calm moments before the campers arrive. Creating a strong community amongst the staff is one of the first steps to having a successful summer at camp.

    We’re so excited for camp to start! The summer of 2018 is going to be one for the record books! Our 95th summer under the pines is here!

  • 10 Thoughts Campers Have on the First Day of Camp

    The start of Summer 2018 is fast approaching – we’re 14 days away! Some pre-camp staff is already in Fryeburg preparing for the rest of the staff and campers to arrive! As your campers are getting ready to join us at Indian & Forest Acres, they might be feeling a range of emotions – excited, nervous, ready, curious, and maybe all of the above! On the first day, there’s a ton of activity and new people to meet! No matter if it’s your first summer or your fifth summer, the first day at camp is always memorable.


    We’ve gathered a list of 10 thoughts campers may have on the first day of camp. It’s important to remember that it’s totally normal to anticipate coming to camp and definitely feel nervous at the same time!

    10) How much longer ’til we get there?
    Depending on where campers come from, the journey to Fryeburg can make for a long ride! Camp is approximately 2 ½ hours from Boston and 6 ½ hours from Westchester County, including a stop for lunch.

    9) Who’s going to be in my cabin?
    That’s something campers will find out once they arrive!

    8) I wonder who my counselors will be…
    A counselor from your cabin or a unit leader will greet you once you arrive.

    7) Are my friends from last year here yet?
    Campers arrive at different points in the day. Your friends may arrive at the same time, maybe they will arrive after you or maybe they’ll already be at camp!

    6) I’m so excited!
    Good! We’re also very excited that the campers are arriving!

    5) Aw, I miss my mom/dad/sister/brother/dog, etc…
    That’s ok! It’s totally normal. Once we get into the swing of our camp activities, you’ll be busy trying new things and hanging out with your friends!

    6) Did I pack my _____?
    If you forgot something, we can try to help you find it and if need be, we can reach out to your parents if you need a replacement for an important item.

    5) I’m nervous!
    Again, totally normal! Once things settle down at camp, you won’t be nervous anymore.

    4) What are we going to do first?
    That’s a good question! There will be plenty to do once everyone arrives!

    3) What’s for lunch/dinner?
    After the trip to camp, it’s no surprise that you’re hungry! The first meals at camp are often some of the most fun!

    2) I’m tired.
    If it’s been a whirlwind travel day, that’s not surprising!

    1) I can’t wait for tomorrow!
    It’s true! There’s so much to look forward to once campers arrive at camp! The fun is about to begin!


    In these final days before camp, there’s a lot to do! Hopefully, you are finishing up packing and gathering last minute essentials. If you want your child to have some mail waiting for them upon arrival, this is a great time to prepare a letter to send to camp. Another summer under the pines is upon us and we can’t wait to get started!

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have last minute questions or concerns!