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  • A Counselor’s Impact

    Posted by on 05/28/2014

    In 27 days, counselors will be finishing decorating and organizing their cabins as they anticipate the arrival of their campers. When the buses roll pass the IA totem polls and through the “Forest Acres Welcomes You” sign, the summer of 2014 will officially have begun.

    Although campers are the quintessential component that makes IA/FA who we are, counselors play a significant role in ensuring that your summer is nothing short of amazing. Just as camp is a time for fun, traditions, and memories for campers, it is also a period of growth and development for counselors as well. After having been a counselor for several summers now (and getting ready to come back again), I can confidently say that my experience as a counselor has helped me in my ability to work with others, to communicate effectively, to plan and organize, and to have fun, all on little sleep :).

    When reflecting on memories of summers past, counselors are often frequent characters in these memory reels. As a former camper, too, I have past counselors to thank for shaping my summers and ensuring that I had the best experience possible. With less than 4 weeks to the official start of camp, we are still in need of several counselors. Campers, alumni, parents: we ask that you please reach out to anyone you feel would be an amazing addition to the IA/FA family.

    boys with counsellors

    girls with counsellor

    So, tell us: What is your favorite memory with a counselor? Is there a counselor who shaped your camp experience or left a significant impact on you?  Please leave your answer in the comment section!