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  • The Power Of The Camp Experience Years Later

    Posted by on 03/21/2017

    Jonathan Klein (1979-1985) was one of my campers in the late 70’s. For the last 20 years, Jonathan has been out in Los Angeles working as an actor, director, producer and sound and lighting engineer as well as teaching acting classes. He was recently interviewed for a magazine article in VoyageLA Magazine. The last question in the interview was, “Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?”

    Jon responded, “By far, my favorite memory from childhood is the time I spent at sleep away camp. I come from the East Coast, where it’s common for kids to go to camp for eight weeks during the summer. I attended Indian Acres Camp in Fryeburg, Maine for seven summers, beginning when I was ten years old. Camp gave me a sense of who I was away from my family and set me on the road to becoming the man I am today. It’s probably why having a strong community of creative, positive people around me is so important in my life.”

    Not that it comes a surprise to me or anyone of us who have attended summer camp, but it is nice to hear that almost 30+ years later, the camp experience still affects his everyday life and what is important to him.

  • IA/FA featured on the World’s Greatest TV show!

    Posted by on 09/11/2015

    We are thrilled to share that Indian and Forest Acres was featured on the television program “World’s Greatest” as the The World’s Greatest Boys’ and Girls’ Summer camp! Click here to view the video and please share with your family and friends.

  • 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids

    Posted by on 04/14/2015

    I have been saying for years that the “magic of camping is that everyone thinks that their camp is the best.  But, the beauty of camping is that we know that we are.”  Nothing is better then to have those feelings confirmed by others; those that have no emotional ties to camp. We had made yet another  list;  this time the “50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids”. CLICK HERE here to read the article.  I am so proud and lucky to be a part of Indian and Forest Acres,  a camp that have given me so much in my lifetime.  Don’t be shy…..share the “beauty” with everyone you know.

  • All I Want is Camp

    Posted by on 02/07/2015

    It’s another snowy day here in New England, and all I want is camp!

    The sunshine, the laughter, the music, the friends…anything to be in the 04037. But camp right now isn’t camp as we know it. Piles of piles of snow cover the cabin rooftops; the tennis courts, fields, and trails are all one blanket of white snow; there is no flow of the Saco.

    But changes are being made. The new Indian Acres totem poles are underway, all of the Forest Acres bathrooms have been completely renovated, FA now houses a school of rock, there are new camp clothing designs to sport this summer. Although it is only February, and there’s almost 5 more months until the first day of camp, there is so much for all of us to look forward to. Here is what the next few months might look like for you and your camp friends!

    February– IA/FA launched their virtual tours on the camp website. Take a break from homework to look through the tour. Remember how much fun last summer was and all of the good times that await. Click here (FA) and here (IA) to see each camp’s respective virtual tour.

    March– Take a few minutes to call a camp friend or even write a letter. Everyone loves getting letters at camp, why not extend the excitement of receiving letters to the school year!

    April– It’s April, and it won’t stop raining. If this is your first summer coming to camp, maybe you are starting to get a little nervous about the summer that is to come. Those who are returning can hardly contain themselves; your camp clothing orders have started to come in and you can’t wait to sport your Tan and Green or Red and Brown.

    May– You are ready for school to be over. It was a great school year but you are ready to be free from homework, sport and club commitments, and to have a few months off from studying! You’ll also receive your Big Sister/Little Sister or Big Brother/Little Brother. Your big sister/brother will be a good person for you to talk to about camp and will be there to answer any questions you may have.

    June– The final countdown has begun! In several days we will be back home at our summer place. How excited are you??

    We can’t wait for the next few months to fly by!

    Stay tuned for further blog posts coming your way soon! If you have not yet had a chance to check out the new clothing store, feel free to take a look by visiting the main page of the website where there are links for both camp’s stores. You can also take a look here (IA) and here (FA)! 

  • 6 Days at Home

    Posted by on 08/18/2014

    And just like that, the summer of 2014 is over. It seems like just yesterday I was arriving for orientation and most of you were sending your bags off to meet you at camp. I am sure that many feel the same way as I do- the summer flew by! The anticipation for the summer was overwhelming: excitement over what cabin we would be in, who would be our bunkmates, what special events will take place, when is color war breaking, etc. Forty-nine beautifully sunny days passed us by (with the exception of 2 rainy days) and then the buses drove through the totem poles and the “You’ll Be Back” sign, signifying the official end of the summer of 2014.

    Our hearts were filled with sadness and our eyes with tears as we said goodbye to our fellow campers and our counselors. Memories of the summer’s events swept through our minds as we boarded our buses and planes to go home.

    You’ve been home for 6 days now, and maybe now some of your summer sadness has subsided as you begin to rejoin life at home. Some of you went back to school while others have a few weeks longer to soak in the summer sun. Maybe you have showed some friends pictures from the summer, sung color war songs to your family, and told embarrassing and funny stories of your summer to your siblings in an attempt to reminisce over the past 7 weeks.

    As the weather turns cold, the leaves begin to fall, and darkness comes earlier with each passing day, hold the memories of 2014 in your hearts.  FA and IA will be missing you. We cannot wait to reunite once more under the pines in a short 309 days! Have a safe, happy and healthy winter, and don’t forget to keep in touch! Keep in contact with your friends and counselors; it is true that the bonds you make at camp will last forever.