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Below you will find comments from current campers, parents, staff, and alumni. It is their dedication that builds our community day by day and year by year.

Camper Testimonials

One thing I LOVE about FA is that there are SOOOOO many different activities. There is no other Camp like FA.
– Mindy B.

A summer of fun a lifetime of memories
– Ben, Linwood NJ

For eight years of my life, I have been tied to a place in which I cannot imagine every having to leave, Camp Forest Acres. Maine has been my home for as long as I can remember. This past summer, I was lucky enough to be accepted into the C.I.T. Program. I taught swimming.

Perfected the girls strokes and played fun games. For so many years I was on the camper side, and this summer I got to experience it half and half. Being a counselor is tremendously different, in a good way to say the least. Forest Acres has taught me leadership and dedication. It is a place where you can be whoever you want to be and not have a care in the world. I am the woman I am today from what the Forest Acres philosophy has taught me, effort, commitment, and kindness.
– Carly, Chicago, IL

Forest acres is my home away from home. I wait 10 months 2 every year just so i can go back to Fryeburg, Maine and smell the pines. Camp is one of the best things that ever happened to me. i don’t know why! maybe the people, the friends i make, or just the feeling of watching the sunset over the saco river. Camp means everything to me.
– Logan, Briarcliff Manor, NY

“Camp makes you a better person”.
– Barrie, Ridgewood NJ

– Corey, Ridgewood, NJ

Indian Acres is a fantastic place, where every person is valued. I haven’t felt a stronger sense of community in any experience since my time at camp, and I remember countless moments like they happened yesterday.

The inspiration of a grownup can really influence a kid. My most powerful inspirations came from counselors at IA — most of whom are still there today, almost 30 years after my last summer at camp.

I never questioned whether I would send my kids to IA and FA. The experience changed my world as a child and the memories have never faded — I knew I would want the same for them.

Thanks for the chance to thank you.

– Jimmy, Verona NJ

“IA is a place that never stops giving back. Over the 9 summers I have spent there, I have met so many great people, learned life lessons that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else, and I have found a place that I truly can call Home.”

Thank you again for this great opportunity..

– David L., RI

Forest acres has been home to me ever since I first arrived there. Thinking of it everyday while I’m away, making friendships that I know will last me a life time.

– Dana H., Chicago, IL

-Words can not express my feelings for camp. Due to some unexpected circumstances I had to miss a year of camp after attending for 4 years. Since I had to miss a year my appreciation is so much more of a passion to do everything I can at camp. Summer just wouldn’t be the same without it.

– Cameron, Fort Lauderdale, FL

At Forest Acres we have learned the meaning of true friendship. The bonds we have created here are sure to last us a lifetime, and the memories are unforgettable. F.A. has made us the confident and caring young women we are today.

– By: Emily. Key West, FL and Tory, New York, NY

“IA is like home away from home for me. I never thought anyone could have that much fun.”

– Jake, Columbia, MD

Indian Acres is my true home away from home. I spend all year thinking about the next time I will be getting on the bus to depart for Fryeburg and as I am in camp, I think of nothing else but the world that surrounds me, contained inside the totem poles. The friends I have made at IA are my best friends in the world. Camp is my home, my sanctuary, and the subject of my dreams for 10 months of the year.

– Alex, Bellingham, MA

“I have found my second home”

“TAN-always in my heartV-I-C-T-O-R-Y”

– Amit. Israel

My experience at Camp Forest Acres is one that will last a lifetime. This will be my second summer, and I plan to spend many more there. I have made best friends who will be in my heart forever. I’m sure that everyone that spends their summers at Camp Forest Acres will feel the same way. I love you FA!!

– Abby age 13, Wilton CT

“It is really hard to be bored at camp because there is so much to do, like playing sports. It is also very exciting because you can make new friends very easily and quickly!”

– Everett, Potomac Falls, VA

Indian Acres is the greatest place on Earth. If only it was all year.
Noah, IA J-4, 2006

I love Forest Acres so much because my friends there are so amazing and we have so much fun all summer.
– Elizabeth, PA Cabin 19, 2006

Camp is simply great!
– Lauren, Westchester NY, Log 1, 2006

I will never forget the best years I had at camp. Love you all.
– Nathalie

Once you’re a camper at either FA or IA, you’re one for life.
– Jo

Forest Acres is an amazing camp. I have been going there for about 9 years now, and it is such a big part of my life. It’s a small community of 150 campers, so you get to know nearly everyone. We have so many traditions at Forest Acres, all that have been done since the start of the camp in 1927. Forest Acres, through its traditions, community, and the ideals it promotes, truly makes campers into great, giving people. Not only that, but it has extensive facilities, and a number of activities to choose from. Forest Acres taught me how to shoot archery, ride horses, canoe, kayak, swim, play softball, play soccer, play tennis, do gymnastics, and, well, be myself. We have a 75% camper return rate, with some girls having mothers and even grandmothers who went to Forest Acres. I know everyone says this, but you really do make friends that last a lifetime at Forest Acres. I will remember my camping days for years to come, and think about nothing else from mid-August to late June of the next year, when I am finally back with my friends at our summer place.
– Log Camper, 2006

Everybody has an important place they want to return to. I happen to return to my important place every summer.

With the pine trees looking over the campfire flames, I return to Forest Acres with a big smile on my face. I have met some very special people at F.A. and have made hundreds of friends there.

I know that in the winter F.A. is sitting there covered with snow waiting for the summer sun to help open its gates to all the girls who have come to love and care for all the acres of land that make up the magnificent place we call home for weeks throughout June, July, and August. Many memories lie within her soil and float among the clouds.

As time passes we will be getting older and the songs that we’ve sung will fade from memory, friendships will be forgotten, and the scent of the pine trees will be erased from our thoughts, but never for the generation to come. When we leave for good somebody has to be there to take our place. Our daughters, granddaughters, and even great granddaughters, or maybe a total stranger. Nevertheless someone, somewhere will always be waiting for the snow clouds to disappear and for the sun to rise so they can return to Camp Forest Acres and like many before them make memories they will never forget!
– Johanna, Cabin 7, 2006

My first year at camp was amazing! I made so many friends and memories. I told my mom when I got off the bus that I wanted to stay until Log 2, maybe even longer! When I got the camp yearbook, I looked at every picture and I look at it over and over. Can’t wait till’ 2008!!
– Carrie, Cabin 17,2007

Camp Forest Acres is more than a summer place it is truly a home away from home. Growing up I did not understand the great impact that camp had on my life. Looking back I realize that Forest Acres helped shape me in to the person I am today and has left an imprint on my life that will never be erased. Forest Acres is a one of a kind experience that is unlike any other. Camp Forest Acres taught me the value of a good friend, to always believe in myself and to remember the importance of tradition. I would not trade in a million years the experiences and opportunities I was awarded at that summer place. It is always in my heart and I was truly blessed to have the opportunity. The friends that I have made here are still as close today as we were 13 years ago when we walked together under the pines. Camp Forest Acres turns strangers in to friends and teaches girls to truly be themselves. I cannot fully express the positive impact this camp had on me but I can tell you it was one of the greatest in shaping who I have become. – Lauren W.

Going to Indian and Forest Acres gave us both experiences and memories that we could only ever dream of. Both of us grew so much at camp as people and have become the people we are today because of our time at camp. Camp is the place where we got engaged and to be able to share that experience with so many people who mean so much to us, is a very special feeling for us. It is often said that life gets in the way of your time at camp, and in our case that is true, as we have not managed to go through those totem poles of either camp for 6 years now, which makes us sad, but at the same time extremely happy to say that we are members of the Indian and Forest Acres family and always will be. One day we plan to return to Our Summer Place and see old (and new) faces, but until then we wish everyone who has the opportunity to take the trip along the Saco to enjoy every moment and hope you leave with memories that will stay with you forever. – Russell ‘Homer’ S. and Zoe S.

My summers at Indian Acres have taught me lessons I still carry with me on a daily basis. I learned the beauty of lifelong friendship, the give and take of communal living, the adventure of learning something new, and a profound appreciation of the outdoors. The engagement of nurturing counselors and fellow campers allowed for a flourishing environment of personal growth. – Adam C.

Camp has been such an important part of my life, as I’ve spent 11 years as both a camper and counselor. Leadership, resilience, and the ability to work with others are just a few of the skills I was able to learn and refine during my years at camp. The friendships and memories I’ve made at there are some of the best that I have. Not being able to spend every summer at camp anymore has been tough, but not a day goes by where I don’t dream about one day returning Home to Fryeburg. I cannot thank Indian Acres enough for helping me become the man I am today. – David L.

Indian Acres was one of the most significant experiences of my life and has shaped the person I am today. I truly feel that IA is one of a kind and I will forever feel a special attachment to the grounds I became so familiar with and the people who helped raise me. I feel so fortunate for the time I spent at IA and look forward to sending my future kids to my summer place. – David C, camper 1998-2006, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Parent Testimonials

“I feel like I’ve grown up this summer, I’m much more responsible”. Little does she know, she really hadn’t changed that much. But the security and self confidence she gained while at camp, helped her grow emotionally and socially, being able to do for herself without a parent around made her feel more grown up.
– Beth, Naples FL

Having children at both Forest Acres and Indian Acres, we have always been able to enjoy our summers knowing that our kids are safe and happy with their summer families. No matter what day of the year it is, Andy is always able to tell us exactly how many days until camp starts.
– Amy and Jeff, Livingston, NJ

“The” best time for my five kids in life!!!!!!!!

Nothing is better than FA and IA…..Mercedes my daughter changed a trip to Europe to go to” her” camp.

Dedication and love makes you …simply the best.!!!!!!!!!!

– Shelena, Venezuala

My daughter, Heather, always said that Camp Forest Acres taught her how to be a better friend. The ethos of the camp stresses the importance of making and keeping friends for a lifetime, being considerate of others, and always putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. When we moved abroad and Heather was thrown into a new school with new people and unfamiliar customs, she knew how to adapt, make friends and succeed at becoming a leader… thanks to FA.

– Ariella, Newton MA

The camp experience enriched Mason’s life. He became more responsible,

independent and learned how to live and respect kids and adults. Mason has made life long friends.

– Laura, Chicago IL

Indian Acres has been an incredible experience for my son. Besides having a beautiful property, a loving staff and great activities…the friendships he has made will be lifelong. He is in constant communication with his friends from camp. He counts the days till he returns next summer. I could not have wished for a better camp experience.

– Cheryl, Chicago, IL

Now that the craziness of the end of camp has calmed down for you, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how this summer has changed my daughters’ lives forever. I sent to you two scared girls knowing three people at FA(yes, I now know the lingo and am learning the songs!) and you sent me home two young ladies with a ton of new friends ,new interests(Sydney in lacrosse and basketball and Amanda in horseback riding) and an increasing phonebill ,which I welcome. WOW!!!! How lucky we are to have found FA, to have had you and Geoff come to our home and get them excited about camp and now Hunter will probably go to IA for 4 weeks because of his incredible experience on visiting weekend!

– Lisa, Boca Raton FL

As parents what we most appreciate about IA is the opportunity for our boys to escape the fast and furious pace of everyday life and decompress in a natural, peaceful and nurturing environment. Each summer they return home with a better sense of self.

– Joyce, Boca Raton FL

Choosing Indian and Forest Acres has been one of the best choices that we have made for our children.

My daughter’s best friends are her camp friends.

Summers at Indian Acres and Forest Acres have become much more than camp to us. It is where you go to reconnect with those that you have grown to love. It is more like a family reunion.

– Marianne, Providence RI

“Our daughter has become a walking billboard for FA. She thinks about it every day, posts information about it on her facebook, keeps in touch with camp peers and counselors throughout the year. She simply oozes camp spirit. We are thrilled that she considers FA not just a zip code, but her home away from home.”

– Carol, Baltimore MD

This will be Brooke’s third year at Forest Acres and she can’t say enough about her experiences there. FA exemplifies what camp should have- fun activities, community, and opportunities for personal growth and development in a healthy, supportive environment. Thanks!

– Roz and Scott, Scarsdale NY

From the time that camp ends in august until it begins again in June, there isn’t a day that goes by without a call to a bunkmate, without a lyric from a camp song, without a sigh from a wonderful memory, without the countdown until the day when she will be back at her Forest Acres home again. Tory will always have a special place in her heart for her beloved camp–the staff, her counselors, her bunkmates…..for every part of one of the true loves of her life…Forest Acres Camp for girls. She’ll be back in June as a CIT and we are as happy as She is.

– Lorna, NY NY

Indian Acres is one of the most special places on earth! My son has been going there for 6 years, and it is truly his favorite place in the world! The sense of brotherhood that is felt there is so incredible – his two best friends in the world are from camp! The sense of pride that my son feels about camp and being on the brown team is like nothing I’ve ever seen! He not only loves being a camper – he can’t wait to be a counselor!!!!! – Suzie G.

It started with a Google search. After a dozen phone calls and a meeting with Moe, the deal was sealed. There were a few tears during the first weeks but then there was 9 years as a camper and counselor and we knew that Elizabeth had completed an adventure which was something special. Thanks to Moe, Bert and C.J., Elizabeth had an extraordinary experience with memories and friendships which will last forever. Once you visit Forest Acres, “You’ll Be Back”! Julie and Bill B.

Indian Acres and Forest Acres offer campers a very special place to mature, explore and enjoy. Each summer my children had the opportunity to recreate themselves, grow into independent young people and strengthen lifelong friendships. The directors and staff are caring individuals and it is clear that they love what they do. My son spent 12 summers, and my daughter 13, in Fryeburg and as a testament to their passion for the place, they would both jump at the opportunity to go back today. It is indeed their special summer place. – Marianne L.

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