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Food at Camp

Our food at camp is tasty, plentiful and most of healthy and provides choices to the campers and staff. “The food at camp is better than my mom’s.” These are comments routinely heard from campers at Forest (Indian) Acres. Under the direction of Food Service Director, Alan Whitaker, who started as a Cook’s apprentice in 1971, Forest (Indian) Acres boasts of one of the top food service programs in the industry. During the winter Alan is food service director for one of the premier boarding schools in the country!

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Meals are served family-style; campers and counselors eat together as a cabin with the exception of Sundays when meals are served buffet-style and campers and counselors can eat with an of their friends. In addition to the main meal that is brought to the table by the waitress (waiter), the campers have access to the Breakfast Bar (offering a wide variety of cold cereals, fruits, yogurt, pastries) or the Salad Bar (offering a variety of 20 different vegetables, prepared salads and meat and cheeses). Always available is SunButter and jelly.

To help protect the health of the campers and staff in our camp community Forest (Indian) Acres is a nut-free camp and has a nut-free policy. This policy means that no peanuts or tree nuts (including cashews, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, coconuts, etc.) should enter our camp environment. We will read ingredient labels on food served at camp. We will not serve items where a label indicates that the food contains peanuts or tree nuts and we will use due care to satisfy ourselves that responsible decontamination procedures have been followed where products are produced in a factory that may also, upon occasion, produce products that may contain nuts. Foods that contain nut products will be considered unsafe.

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Forest (Indian) Acres is able to accommodate campers who are gluten-free, diabetic and other food allergies. Prior to the beginning of camp, parents should consult with the directors to discuss any food restrictions placed on their child.

Fruit is available throughout the day for those campers looking for a healthy snack in between meals.