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Please write your child as often as possible. We will expect your child to write home at least once a week and we will make an effort to see that he/she does this. Wish us luck! It is a good idea to send a letter before camp starts. This way, there will be mail waiting for them when they arrive. Campers always enjoy getting mail!


We have a great email system at camp that allows campers to send and receive email without the need of computer access. Bunk 1 provides this service. You may email your child at anytime and your emails will be printed and distrubuted with our regular mail.

Campers may use “Bunk Replies” to send you outbound email. Campers simply write their letter on the “Bunk Reply” form and hand it into our office. We transmit those notes via fax at least once a day and you receive them as email. Information on this program is available from

Care Packages

Any care packages sent to camp must contain only non-edibles, i.e. books, games, clothing, toiletries. Food care packages from home or bringing food into camp is NOT permitted. Please inform all family members and friends of this policy. The camp food is varied and plentiful and fresh fruit is available daily. In order to keep mice and ants out of the cabin, campers open their mail and packages at the camp office. Any food is retained and donated to the local soup kitchen. Unless you have made other arrangements, we respectfully request you to limit the packages you send to 4 packages per camper.  All packages received after then 4 package limit will be returned to the sender.  We appreciate your help and understanding in this matter.

Telephone Policy

To help the campers better acclimate to being away from home and assist in getting over any homesickness, campers are not permitted to call home during the first five days of camp. After this initial period, each camper is allowed to make one (1) fifteen minute phone call home per week. In the Spring, parents are sent a link to our online telephone schedule system whereby they sign up for a weekly time slot for their child.


The fee for Canteen, is included in the all-inclusive tuition. Three times a week, the campers have the opportunity to go to the Canteen to get a candy bar/snack.   Occasionally cash will be given to campers when we go on trips where campers may need $5-$10 spending money.

If you would like to send your child with additonal money for them to use at their discretion, we will ask the camper, on their arrival to camp, to bring that money to the office where it will be held in the camp safe.  This money can be used for the purchase of  incidental items such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc. or for additional spending money when they leave camp on trips.


Homesickness is often experienced when transitioning to a new environment. New campers enter a situation where they do not know the routine; they do not know other campers’ names, counselor names, the geography of camp, etc. Once campers have a couple of days to adjust to the new setting and learn the basic routine, they usually shed their homesickness. Homesickness that lasts beyond the first few days is rare. In the unlikely event that homesickness lingers, you will be the key to your child’s adjustment to camp life. When we are aware of prolonged homesickness, we will notify parents and keep them posted on their child’s progress. We ask that you work with us to help make the camp experience as rewarding as possible for your child. Some campers may be afraid to share their feelings of homesickness with the staff. In such cases we rely on parents to inform us when they detect homesickness through phone or mail communications with their children. However, please be aware that mail takes about 5 days to arrive home from camp and many changes can happen in five days at camp.

Our approach to homesickness is one that we have found very successful and have developed through many years of experience. It is important to listen to and acknowledge a child’s feelings, but is also important for parents and counselors to focus on the many positive aspects of camp, such as exciting activities and new friends. Please do not make any “private deals” such as “Just call me if you are unhappy and we will drive up and take you home”. These “deals” tend to undermine a child’s ability to get through any initial homesickness period. For a parent, it is naturally difficult to not give in to an unhappy child’s wish to leave camp. Campers make the best of their summer experience when parents fully support their efforts to gain independence and strength while spending valuable time away from home. If parents are supportive of the camp experience, it is far easier for camp staff to help the child adapt.

Camper Health Safety & Medical History Form

Prior to the summer, all parents will receive an “invitation” to fill out an Healthy History form online.  Once completed, the information only needs to be updated each summer as needed.  This health history form includes waiver statements, including one for hospitalization and/or emergency treatment in all of the local medical centers. We must have your private insurance information along with a copy of your insurance card.

Parents should also inform the camp before your child arrives of any recent injury, illness, and emotional or potential behavior problems.

State of Maine law requires all campers carrying an inhaler, epi-pen or other self administered medication to have on file permission from both their parents and their physician.  Included in the online form is a opportunity for the parents to grant permission. The form for the physician’s permission can be  download, signed and uploaded to the online Healthy Histrory record.

Please DO NOT send campers to camp if they are sick on Opening Day. In such cases, please contact us to discuss a delayed, healthy arrival date. If sickness occurs at camp, the child may be kept in the Health Center until he or she is healthy enough to re-enter the camp community. The camp doctor or nurse will contact a parent or guardian if the illness is serious enough to sleep over in the infirmary. Parents are also contacted in the case of emergencies once the emergency has been evaluated. Please ensure that campers have all of the proper inoculations and boosters (measles, tetanus, etc.) Contact your family physician if you have any questions.


All camper medications including vitamins or Tylenol must be pre-packaged by CampMeds. Medications will be directly sent to our health centers. Campers may not keep any medications or prescription drugs in their cabins. To register for CampMeds go to or contact the camp office.


We love birthdays! If your child has a birthday while at camp, the entire camp sings “Happy Birthday” to them and they are given a birthday cake to share with their cabin. We ask that you not send food. An exception might be cookies or brownies from you or Grandma and should be no more than can be shared that day.

So no cabin is left out, special celebrations are consistent among all cabins.

Drug, Alcohol & Harmful Items Policy

Any kind of illegal drugs, alcohol or harmful items are forbidden at camp and the camper may be sent home immediately if he or she is found to possess, use, or be involved with any of these items. Harmful items include knives, fireworks, firearms and other such items. While it is unlikely that any of our young people would bring these items to camp, this policy reminder is a warning to the wise! We also have a strict no smoking policy for all campers. Parents: If campers jeopardize the welfare of the camp by violating these policies, he or she may be sent home immediately with no refund of the camp tuition. Parents should be aware of this policy before agreeing to send their child to camp. Please help us by supervising packing.

Problems at Camp

If you feel that there is a problem, or any programming or bunk issue that is negatively affecting your child at camp, please call our offices and bring it to our attention. We are unable to correct a current situation that we are unaware of if parents wait until September or October to notify us. Please help us track your expectations and requests. We hope to work with parents to ensure that their child has a fantastic camp experience.