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Two Separate Camps – One Community

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Indian and Forest Acres; separate brother-sister camps sit on the Saco River in Fryeburg, Maine, located only two miles apart, in the heart of the Mount Washington Valley, where the shore actually meets the mountains. Set in a valley sheltered by the White Mountains and near 6,288-foot Mount Washington, the camps have large evergreen forests, grassy playing areas and sweeping views of the river and mountains. Surrounded by rivers, lakes, and over 750,000 acres of national forests, Fryeburg has easy access to all of Maine and New Hampshire’s scenic wonders.

Director’s Mission Statement

Indian and Forest Acres is a community where campers develop physical, social and leadership skills through learning to set and achieve goals, experiencing risk in a safe and supportive environment and gaining a sense of personal and community responsibility.

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Studies of education show that children do better in a single-sex learning environment. Camp, while not being an academic education, is most definitely a life education. Our brother and sister camps are the perfect balance between single-sex camping and a co-ed environment. The program is unparalleled because it allows the boys and girls to be separate yet get together for various activities throughout the summer, thus offering the optimum camping experience that few others can offer. In an environment that few others can offer, neither girls nor boys have a worry about how they dress, how they look or how they act because the opposite sex will judge them. Campers take on leadership roles that they absolutely would not in a coed environment.